Version: 24.13.79
79 MB

FM WhatsApp APK v24.13.79 Download (July 2024) Official Latest Version

Version: 24.13.79
79 MB

Are you looking for FM WhatsApp Latest Update? Then your search is over. We have brought to you the best MOD named FM WhatsApp APK. It has more privacy, customization, and security features than the official WA. In the world of the internet, social media & communication applications are the most used by people. Especially WhatsApp.

Whether it’s to chat with their friends & family, video call with them, or share images, they prefer WhatsApp. Why? Because it’s easy to use and has all the necessary features. And it costs them nothing to connect with their loved ones. However, some users still find it lacking in some features. FM WhatsApp provides those extra features. 

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What is FM WhatsApp APK?

FM WhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp just like GBWhatsApp or Aero WhatsApp. It offers many additional features that are not available in the official WA. Users liked its features so much that it got millions of downloads in a short time. Some of the features are freezing last seen, hiding blue ticks in chats, increased media sharing limits, custom themes, contact toast, voice changer, etc. 

FMWhatsApp APK Download

As it’s an unofficial application, it’s not available on the Play Store. So, you can get its latest version from this site. Also, you don’t need to remove the official WA to install this one. Both are different apps and have different package names. It allows you to use two WA accounts on the same device. 

FM WhatsApp APK Info

App NameFM WhatsApp APK
Latest Versionv24.13.79
APK Size79 MB
Last Update1 day ago

Comparison between FM WhatsApp and WhatsApp

FeaturesFM WhatsAppWhatsApp
Auto Reply
Message Scheduler
Broadcast MessageMaximum 1024 ContactsMaximum 256 Contacts
Forward LimitMaximum 256 ContactsMaximum 5 Contacts
Hide Contact Name
Contact Toast
Freeze Last Seen
Hide Second & Blue Ticks
Hide Typing Status
Voice Changer
Themes4000+Light & Dark
Emoji Variants5 VariantsDefault 1 Variant
Download Status
Font Styles56+ FontsDefault
Anti-Delete Status
Anti-Delete Message
Download Status
Always Online
Image Share QualityOriginal90% Compressed
Image Share Limit (Number)Up to 100 ImagesUp to 30 Images
Video Share Limit (Size)1 GB16 MB
Video Share Limit (Time)7 Minutes30 Seconds
InterfaceCustomizableNot Customizable
Document Share Size Limit1 GB100 MB
DND Mode
Hide Chat
Custom Wallpaper per Contact
Lock Chats with Password

Features Explanation

In this section, we are going to explain all the features in detail. If you are eager to know more about the app, read them. 

Auto Reply

This feature lets you add replies to specific messages beforehand and set the contacts & time for auto-reply triggering. So, whenever the specified person messages you containing specified words, WA will automatically reply to them with the pre-set messages. 

Message Scheduler

FMWhatsApp APK Download

Schedule an event beforehand if you are gonna be busy later. With it, you can write messages and set the recipients & the time. Then at that time, the app will automatically send the messages to the selected recipients. You don’t have to come online. It’s a good feature for wishing or reminding others of something. 

Broadcast Limit

In the official WA, you can broadcast a message to a maximum of 256 contacts at once. If you have a business or community, then this limit is not enough. And you have to do the same process multiple times. Therefore, the broadcast limit is increased to a maximum of 1024 contacts in FM WhatsApp. 

Hide Contact Name

Most friends and others have a habit of peeking into others’ mobile. If you have friends like them and don’t want them to know with whom you are chatting, then you can hide the names from the top bar in the chats. 

Contact Toast

FMWhatsApp APK Download

If you have someone close to you and love chatting with them, then you can’t miss any moment without chatting. But staying online all the time waiting for them to come is not a good way. For this, FM WhatsApp has contact toast and ringtone contact toast features. You can enable these features for any contacts you want. 

When contact toast is enabled for a contact, then you will get a notification whenever they come online. And in case of ringtone contact toast, the app will play a ringtone. That way, you won’t miss them. 

Freeze Last Seen

If you don’t want others to know that you are online, you can freeze your last seen. Freezing the last seen will stop showing you online to others, and they will only see the last seen at the time when you enabled this feature. Then, you can stay online all you want. 

Hide Second & Blue Ticks

You can also hide your second and blue ticks in the chats. Hiding these ticks will trick them into thinking that you are offline and haven’t read their messages respectively. Then you can read their messages and they won’t know it.

Blue Tick After Reply

When you use the above feature and reply to your friend, they will know that you are using some WhatsApp MOD because you have hidden the blue ticks. To avoid those situations, this feature is added to the app. When you reply to them, it will immediately change the single ticks to blue ticks for all previous messages. 

Voice Changer

Embarrassed to send voice messages in your voice? Or just want to have fun? Use the voice changer. With it, you can change your voice into 10 different voices. It has baby, robot, lady, loud, low pitch, slow motion, reverse, teenager, etc. voices. Use any voice you like. 

4000+ Themes

FMWhatsApp APK Download

FM WhatsApp comes with 4000+ themes covering various categories. If you are bored of using the same theme over and over again, then choose any theme you like. Also, you can customize the app’ UI. It’s fully customizable. Status bar, chat list style, floating button, top bar, chat bubbles, ticks, color, etc., you can customize all of them separately. 

Control Who Can Call You

In official WhatsApp, you can control who can see your status, profile pic, and last seen. But it doesn’t have the setting to control callers. Anyone can call you in WA. However, in FM WA, you can control who can call you. You can include or exclude any selected contacts as you want. 

Emoji, Fonts & Icons

The official WA only has one emoji variant whereas FMWA has six different emoji variants. These variants are from FB, iOS, old WhatsApp, One, Android O, and System emojis. You can choose any variant from Settings >> Universal >> Styles (Look and Feel). It also has 60+ different font styles to give an amazing look to your chats. And if you want to change the notification icon and app icon, you can do that too. It has a huge collection of icons. 

Increased Video Share Limit

A video of 90 seconds and 16 MB is so short, and that’s the video limit in the official WhatsApp. This limit is only 30 seconds for statuses. You can’t even share a song on WA. Therefore, these limits are increased to FM WhatsApp. You can share a video of up to 7 minutes and 1 GB.

Anti-Delete Message & Status

It’s annoying when your friend sends a text and deletes it before you read it. It leaves a “This Message is deleted” in the chat. And when you ask your friend what did he send, he denies telling you. It’s even more annoying. But now, you don’t have to ask them anymore. With the anti-delete feature, the deleted messages will not be removed from your chats and you can read them.

Use Two Accounts on the Same Device

Many users have separate numbers, one for personal and another for work purposes. But the problem is the WhatsApp account. They can’t only use one WA on the device. However, FM WhatsApp helps them and allows them to use two accounts on the same device. Users can install it alongside the official WhatsApp as it’s a separate application with different package names. Thus, they can use two accounts. 

Hide & Lock Chats with Password

FMWhatsApp APK Download

It also gives you options to hide and lock your chats and group chats to prevent others from reading your chats. You can set a different password for each contact chat.

Backup & Restore Chats

Everyone wants to keep their chats safe. Because some chats contain some feelings. In FM WhatsApp, you can take a backup of all your chats via Settings >> Chats >> Backup option. It will create a local backup file in the FM WhatsApp folder in your local storage. You can copy & paste this file in the same location on another device as well to restore these chats.

Installation Guide

In the following section, we are going to explain all the steps you need to follow to install the FM WhatsApp APK successfully. So, don’t worry if it’s your first try installing any APK from outside the Play Store. Read the following steps and following one by one. 

  • First, Download FM WhatsApp APK using the download button given in this post. 
  • Once the APK is downloaded, open it using one of the following three methods.
    • Open the File Manager and go to the Download folder. (If you use a custom location for downloaded files, navigate to that folder.) Locate the FM WhatsApp APK in the folder and tap on it.
    • Go to the Download tab of the browser. Look for the downloaded APK and tap on it.
    • Swipe down the notification bar. You will see the notification of download completion. Tap on it. 
  • Now, if it’s the first time installing an app from the browser or file manager, a window will appear on the screen. Here, you need to permit the source to install the APK. For that, tap on the Setting button and enable the “Allow Source to Install” option. 
  • After that, the installation wizard window will open. You will see the Install button. Tap on that Install button. It will start installing the app on your device. Wait for a few seconds for its installation.
  • Once the installation is done, open the application and log in with your number, 



What is FM WhatsApp APK?

It’s a WhatsApp MOD modified by third-party developers, to provide extra features to users.

Is it safe to use FM WhatsApp APK?

It’s an unofficial WhatsApp and illegal to use. There are many cases of permanent account bans. So, it’s not entirely safe to use. 

Do I need to uninstall official WhatsApp to use it?

No. You can install it alongside the official WhatsApp. 

Can I read messages without my friends knowing?

Yes. You can hide the blue ticks in the chats and then read the messages.

Can I set up a password for group chats?

Yes. You can set up custom passwords for each chat & group chat. 

Is it possible to show online status all the time?

Yes. You can enable the “Always Online” feature in the settings that will show you online all the time. 

What is the maximum video-sharing limit?

You can share a video of up to 1 GB. 

What is the contact toast feature?

You can enable this feature for the contacts you want and it will give you notifications when they come online. 

Does it have any feature to hide the typing status?

Yes. It has this feature. You will find it in the privacy settings. 

Can I download the status of my friend?

Yes. You can download the status as well as the profile pic of your friend.


Thanks for visiting. FM WhatsApp APK is the most used application among all the WhatsApp MODs. It allows the users to enjoy its features without any restrictions. Its themes & customization features let them customize the app interface to their liking. Its privacy features like hiding the last online status, blue ticks & typing status, freezing last seen, etc. let you use the app without others knowing you are online. And with its security features, they can hide their chats & contact names, and set up passwords. 

In this post, we have shared everything about this app including the step-by-step installation guide. If you face any issues or have any questions, feel free to ask us in the comment section. We will reply to you ASAP. Have a nice day. 

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