Reasons Behind the Popularity of WhatsApp Mods in Nations Like India


Hello, friends. With over 2 billion users, WhatsApp is the top instant messaging application. We all know how useful the WA app is in our lives, personal as well as professional. But what are the reasons the Indian population is running behind WhatsApp MODs?

Not only these MODs don’t have end-to-end encryption but they also have the risk of containing malware or Trojans. Despite these risks, why people are attracted to WhatsApp MODs? Well, we will discuss that in this post from features & benefits to its popularity reasons. 

Benefits of WhatsApp Mods

Benefits of whatsapp mods

One of the main reasons why some users choose to use WhatsApp MODs is that they offer more features and functionality than the official app. Some of these features include:

Theme Customization

theme customization in wa mods

WhatsApp MODs provide various themes and colors to change the appearance of their WA interface to their liking. They can also make changes to the pre-designed themes and create new ones. The customization options are countless in the MODs that allow them to customize the floating action button, chat screen, home screen, status tab, navigation bar, chat bubble style, tick style, and everything else. Moreover, they can save their customized settings as a theme and share them with others. 

More Privacy Settings

privacy settings

Users have more control over their privacy by hiding their online status, last seen, blue ticks, and typing & recording indicators. 

Hide Second & Blue Ticks: Messages will not be marked as delivered and seen (second tick and blue ticks respectively) even when you get those messages and see them. 

Hide Typing & Recording Indicators: When you write any text or record any audio message in the chat, the recipient will not see the typing & recording status. 

Freeze Last Seen: When enabled, WA will show your last seen even when you stay online. 

Control over Incoming Calls: You can select who can call you on WhatsApp. You can also block calls from those who are not saved in your contact list.

Hide View Status: It lets you view others’ statuses without letting them know. Your name will not be shown in the “status viewed by” list.  

Show Blue Ticks After Reply: Messages in the senders’ chat will not be marked with blue ticks till you reply to them. 

Increased Media Sharing Limit

They can send and receive larger files and media than the official app. Where official WA compresses the images’ quality by 90%, WA MODs allow users to share images in the original quality. Also, they can send more than 30 images at once and upload status of 7 minutes. The video and document sharing limit is also increased to 1GB. 

lock chats

Pin More than 3 Chats – While the official app allows you to pin only three chats, WA MODs lets you pin up to 1000 chats & groups. 

Lock Chats – It comes with built-in password functionality. You can use it to lock any chat you want with a custom password or fingerprint. 

Hide Chats – To protect your chats from unauthorized access, you can hide your chats as well. It’s a good feature when you can’t say no when someone asks for your phone. 

Anti-Delete Messages – When the sender deletes messages for everyone, the messages will not be removed from your chats. 

Anti-Delete Statuses– Statuses removed by others before 24 hours will not disappear from your status tab. 

Auto-Reply – You can set auto-replies to specific texts, contacts, and times if you are gonna be busy. 

Message Scheduler – It lets you schedule a message and specify the time, date & contact. When the requirements are met, the app automatically sends that messages to the specified contact at the specified time. 

Custom Background – You can set a different chat background for each contact in your list. 

Forward Limit – These apps allow you to forward messages to up to 250 chats.

Broadcast Limit – Messages can be broadcasted to a maximum of 102 contacts at once. 

Hide Forwarded Tag – When you forward more than one message, the forwarded tag will not be displayed on the messages. 

Hide Names & Dates from Copied Messages – When you copy and paste multiple messages, the date, time, and the senders’ names will be removed from those messages. 

Hide Contact Names – You can also hide the contact name shown at the top bar in a chat. It will only show the profile pic.

Custom Profile Pic – It also allows you to use a custom picture instead of showing the original profile pic of your friends. 

Multiple Accounts on the Same Device

Users with more than one number look for ways to use multiple WA accounts on the same device. They want to keep their personal and professional life separate. WhatsApp MODs allow them to do that. Each MOD has a different package name and Android treat them as different applications than the official WA. Thus, they can install these apps along with others and use multiple accounts on the same device. 

Emoji Variants

While official WhatsApp has only one variant of emojis, WhatsApp MODs come with 6 different variants. Each variant includes unique types of emojis. They are from Facebook, iOS, System One, old WA, etc. You can switch between any variant anytime you want from the settings. Using different types of emojis will enhance your chatting experience. 

Separate Personal Chats and Group Chats

WA shows all personal chats and group chats in a single tab. Sometimes it takes time to find a particular chat in the long list of chats. Therefore, WA MODs provide a customization option to separate chats and groups into two different tabs. Then you can easily access them in their respective tabs. 

Instagram-Like Stories Status

In Instagram, users can upload a story that disappears after 24 hours which is just like statuses in WhatsApp. If you like the story style of Instagram, you can apply that style in the WhatsApp MODs too. WA statuses will be shown just like the Instagram stories on the home screen at the top bar.

Reasons Why People Use WhatsApp MODs


Here are some of the reasons why people use WhatsApp MODs instead of official WhatsApp. 

Features Attraction

These features can enhance the user experience and provide more convenience and privacy. WA MODs’ features allow them to do what they can’t in the official WA. For instance, some users want to hide their online status or last seen from certain contacts or groups. They want to protect their chats from unwanted access so they like its chat lock & hide features. 

Users with multiple numbers like its feature that lets them use multiple WA accounts on the same device. Users who get frustrated by deleted messages like its anti-delete feature. These kinds of features attract them and they use these apps without any hesitation just to enjoy these features. 

Lack of Awareness

Many users may not be aware of the risks of using modified WhatsApp. They won’t even know that these apps may contain malware, spyware, ads, or trojans which can expose their personal data to hackers and cyber threats.


Some users have different preferences that the official WhatsApp app fails to provide. They prefer to use WhatsApp MODs that offer more theme customization options and multiple languages to suit their tastes and needs. They also enjoy using MOD features like stickers, emojis, GIFs, fonts, and wallpapers that give them a new chat experience.

Social Influence & Curiosity

Some users get influenced by their friends or family members who use WhatsApp MODs. They just want to try them out for themselves or join groups that use them. They also get curious about the extra features and functionality that WhatsApp MODs offer whenever someone mentions those features in front of them. So, without researching the risks of using the MOD, they just download & use the MOD.



What are WhatsApp MODs?

These apps are the unofficial version of WhatsApp that are modified by third-party developers to add extra features.

How many WA MODs are available on the internet?

There are more than 15 modified WA available on the internet such as GB WhatsApp, Aero WhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, etc.

Which MODs are popular in India?

GB WhatsApp, Aero WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, and GB WhatsApp Pro are so popular in India.

Are modified WA safe to use?

No. There are many risks to using modified WhatsApp.

Does modified WhatsApp have encryption?

No. There is no encryption in the MODs.

Can we install these MODs without removing the official one?

Yes. You can install them alongside each other. There’s no need to remove the official WhatsApp.

Is GB WhatsApp still available?

No. GB WhatsApp was shut down by GBTeam in 2018.

Are FM WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp the same application?

They are not the same apps but have the same features.


Thanks for visiting. WhatsApp MODs are modified versions of the official WhatsApp app that offer more features and eliminate the limitations of the original app. They are popular among users from countries like India, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, etc. Curiosity, friends’ influence, features attraction, and lack of awareness are the main reasons for WhatsApp MODs’ popularity. 

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