Known Risks Using GB, FM WhatsApp, and WhatsApp Plus


Hello, guys. Are you one of those who use WhatsApp MODs like GB WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, or WhatsApp Plus? If yes, then do you know who developed them, the risks of using them, and if they contain malware or not? Don’t worry if you don’t have the answers. Because in this post, we are gonna talk about these apps from their origin to their risks. So, stay with us. 

GB WhatsApp

GBWhatsApp Features

GB WhatsApp was developed by Atnfas Hoak with his GBTeam back in 2014. They modified the official WhatsApp source code and added many extra features along with increasing the media sharing limit. Within a few years, millions of users started using this app. 

In 2018, Official WhatsApp warned GBTeam to discontinue the GBWhatsApp as it was violating the Terms of Services. Due to the pressure from them, GBTeam had to shut down the app. Ever since that, no further development has been made on GB WhatsApp. 

FM WhatsApp

FM WhatsApp was developed by Fouad Mokdad in 2018 after GB WhatsApp was shut down. It also gained popularity over a short period because of its exciting features. With the discontinuation of GB WhatsApp, all their users switched to FM WhatsApp. 

It was basically a new modified version of GB WhatsApp. Fouad MODS took over the GB WhatsApp project and created this modified version from the source code of GBWhatsApp, and then named it FM WhatsApp. Its features were the same as the GB WhatsApp. Users continued to use it for years. 

In 2021, Kaspersky did a scan of its code and they found a trojan named Triada (Trojan.AndroidOS.Triada.ef) in its code. This trojan downloads several other malware & trojans into the users’ devices after collecting their device’s data without letting them know. 

The other trojans downloaded by Triada also download various malicious modules which cause full-screen ads, invisible background ads, sign-up for paid subscriptions, and also intercept the login confirmation text.

Hello, guys. Are you one of those who use WhatsApp MODs like GB WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, or WhatsApp Plus? If yes, then do you know who developed them, the risks of using them, and if they contain malware or not? Don’t worry if you don’t have the answers. Because in this post, we are gonna talk about these apps from their origin to their risks. So, stay with us. 

WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus was developed by a Spanish developer named Rafalanse back in 2012. It was the first modified WhatsApp after the launch of official WhatsApp. Users also call it WhatsApp+ and WhatsApp+ Blue (Because its logo was blue at that time). 

It offered 700 themes to users to enhance their chatting experience with new appearances in a single tap. There were new emojis and stickers. It allowed them to share pictures in their original size and quality. They could also set the video sharing quality & size limit so that the app automatically compresses the videos if needed. 

Later, a new developer team took over the project along with some other projects like Hey WhatsApp. WhatsApp Plus received so many updates over the years and new features were added. It gained so much popularity more than any other WhatsApp MODs. However, in July 2022, it was discontinued and no updates were released after that. The reason was that the official WhatsApp team found malware in one of their WA MODs that collected the users’ data without their consent. So, they had to discontinue the app including WhatsApp Plus.

Features Included in These WhatsApp MODs

About WhatsApp MODs

GBWA, FMWA, and WA Plus are three different apps, however, the features are the same in all these apps. These features are as follows:

Anti-Delete Messages

It’s the most used feature of these apps. In the official app, when the sender deletes a message for everyone, it gets deleted from his and the recipient’s chats. This feature prevents the messages from being deleted in the users’ chat. So, they can see all the messages even if deleted by the sender. 

Freeze Last Seen

Many users don’t want others to know that they are online to avoid them. In those cases, they can enable this feature to freeze their last seen and hide their online status. When enabled, others will see the Last Seen in their chat even when they stay online on WhatsApp. 

Hide Double & Blue Ticks

WA marks each message with a single, double, and blue tick when the message is sent from the sender’s side, delivered on the recipient’s WA, and seen by the recipient respectively. MODs give options to hide double and blue ticks. When hidden, you can read the messages and the messages will not be marked by double and blue ticks in the sender’s chat. They will not know. 

DND & Airplane Mode

It’s the Do Not Disturb feature. In some MODs, it’s called Airplane Mode. When enabled, the internet connection is cut off only for this app. No new messages can be sent or received. You can be offline without turning off the internet. 

Download Status

Some users may want to save the statuses uploaded by their friends on WA. WA MODs come with a download feature that allows them to download & save the statuses to the local storage. 

Increased Media Sharing Limit

In these MODs, users can select more than 30 images at once and share them in their original quality. They can send a video of up to 700 MB without quality reduction and a document file of up to 1 GB. The status limit is also increased from 30 seconds to 7 minutes.

Risks of Using GBWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, and WhatsApp Plus

No matter how many good features these MODs provide, if your privacy and data are at risk, then what’s the point of those features? Who’d want their chats to be exposed to the public just to see the deleted messages or hide the online status in the chats? No one, right? 

If you don’t know the risks of using these MODs, don’t worry. Below, we have explained all the risks. 

Contains Malware & Trojan

These MODs contain malware and trojan that collect your device’s information and then download several types of trojans. Kaspersky has confirmed in 2021 that FM WhatsApp’s code has the Triada trojan. Not only this trojan stole the data without users’ contest but also download server other modules that automatically sign-up for paid subscriptions and stole the WA login OTP text. WhatsApp Plus was also scanned by the official WhatsApp Team and they, too, found the malware in its code. 

Violates WhatsApp’s Terms of Service

All WhatsApp MODs violate the terms of service of the official WhatsApp. They are unofficial and unauthorized applications. They also don’t abide by the Play Store’s terms & conditions. That’s why they are not available on any app store. WhatsApp also states in its policies that if they find anyone using these MODs will be banned. At first, it will be a temporary ban on the account. But if they again violate the policy by using the MOD, their account will be permanently banned. 

Put Your Privacy & Data at Risk

End-to-end encryption is the essence of WhatsApp. And it is absent in the WhatsApp MODs. That means without encryption, your chats & app data are not secure and are more vulnerable. Hackers, cyber-attacks, and third-party servers can steal your personal data & messages and can sell them to third parties for their profit. It can put your privacy at great risk. 

Contain Ads

They provide all the amazing features in these MODs. Do you think it’s for free? No. First, they may steal your data and sell them for their benefit. Second, all WhatsApp MODs contain ads. From the ads, they earn. Ads are the most annoying thing anyone can add to an app. They pop up at random times and interrupt your chatting. Users can also remove ads, but by donating some money. 

No Cloud Backup 

These MODs also don’t support cloud backup to Google Drive. So, you won’t be able to recover your chats when switching from one mobile to another or from MOD to the official app. 



Who is the developer of WhatsApp Plus?

Rafalanse who is a Spanish developer is the one who modified WhatsApp and developed WhatsApp Plus.

Is WhatsApp Plus discontinued?

Yes. WhatsApp was discontinued in 2022 and is no longer available. 

Who developed FM WhatsApp?

FM WhatsApp was developed by Fouad Mokdad.

What does Triada Trojan do?

Triada trojan collects the device’s information and then downloads several types of trojans in the device. 

Can we back up the chats to Google Drive in WhatsApp MODs?

No. WhatsApp MODs don’t support cloud backup. 

Is it safe to use GB WhatsApp?

No. It’s not safe to use GB WhatsApp and also other WhatsApp MODs.


Thanks for visiting, guys. The internet is full of modified applications that are dangerous for your device & data. And WhatsApp MODs are no exception to that. GB WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, and WhatsApp Plus provide many amazing features that look so interesting & attractive but are unsafe to use. It has been found that these applications contain malware & trojan that download & install harmful modules in the users’ devices without their consent and stole their data. 

WhatsApp also warns them not to use these modified applications for their safety. Those who ignored it and still used the MODs were also get banned by the official WhatsApp. So, we also advise you that you should only use official WhatsApp. That’s all. Be safe. Have a nice day. 

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