Version: 2024
75 MB

GB WhatsApp Pro APK Download (July 2024) Latest Update

Version: 2024
75 MB

GBWhatsApp Pro has gained a lot of popularity during the past few years and its users are continually increasing in number because of its exciting features. If you are looking for GBWhatsApp Pro APK as well, then you are at the right place. Whether you are new to this app and want to know about its features or an old user who wants its latest version, you will get everything in this post.

GB WhatsApp Pro Download: WhatsApp is the number one communication application because of its features, end-to-end encryption, and how much easy it is to use. It allows users to chat with their loved ones. No matter where they are in the world, they can see each other on video calls. They can share images, videos, and documents as well. 

They just need to have their contact number. No need to friend request or get approval like FB or Insta. They can start chatting directly after creating their accounts on WA. Despite all that ease and great features, users find it restrictive in some aspects such as image sharing, only 30-second status, video size limit, etc. GB WhatsApp Pro eliminates these restrictions. And we are going to talk about it in this post. So, stay with us. 

Note: We are offering the official version of GB WhatsApp Pro.

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What is GB WhatsApp Pro?

GB WhatsApp Pro is a WhatsApp MOD just like GB WhatsApp. After the GBWA team get pressure from the official WA team, their developer decided to stop further working on that app. After that, another developer created a new MOD with the same features including some extra features and named it GB WhatsApp Pro. Hide online status, freeze last seen, auto-reply, message scheduler, customizable themes, DND mode, and increased media sharing limit are some of its features. 

GBWhatsApp Pro APK

The best thing about this app is that you don’t need to uninstall the official app. Its package names are different and the Android treats it as a different app than the official WA. That way, you can use two WA accounts on the same app. As it provides a lot of amazing features, there are risks in using it too. 

GB WhatsApp Pro APK Info

App NameGB WhatsApp Pro
Latest Versionv2024
APK Size75 MB
Last Update1 day ago

Comparison between GB WhatsApp Pro and WhatsApp

Below, we have compared the GB WhatsApp Pro APK and official WhatsApp based on their features. It will give you a clear idea of what features GBWhatsApp includes that official WA doesn’t.

FeaturesGB WhatsApp ProWhatsApp
Pin Chats1000 Chats3 Chats
Full Resolution Image Sharing
Chat Lock
Hide Chats
Always Online Status
Hide Online Status
Freeze Last Seen
Hide Second & Blue Ticks
Hide Typing Status
Hide Recording Status
Message Unsaved Contact
Image Sharing LimitMaximum 100 ImagesMaximum 30 Images
Document Share Limit1 GB100 MB
Video Share Limit (Size)1 GB16 MB
Status Time Limit7 Minutes30 Seconds
Customizable UI
DND Mode
Auto Reply
Custom Fonts
Custom App Icon
Anti-Delete Messages
Message Forward Limit255 Contacts5 Contacts
Status Text Limit255 Characters139 Characters
Online Dot on Home Screen

Features Explanation

Many users don’t know what these features do. For them, we are going to give a detailed explanation for each feature in the following subsection. Have a look at them. 

‘About Me’ Text Limit

The official WA allows only 139 characters in the ‘About Me’ section. For many users, it’s not enough. They fell short while writing the description and had no choice but to cut their sentence short. That’s why GBWA Pro has increased the maximum length to 255 characters. 

Pin Chats

GBWhatsApp Pro APK

Can we have only three favorite/important groups or persons in WA? No, right? But WA allows you to pin only three chats on the top. However, in GB WhatsApp Pro, you can pin up to 1000 chats in any order you want. 

Anti-Revoke or Anti-Delete

Want to know what your friend deleted from your chats? What a foolish question to ask. Of course, you’d want to know that. It’s annoying when they delete messages before we read them. But it will not annoy you anymore. Because with the anti-delete feature, you can read all the deleted messages. When this feature is enabled, the messages will not be removed from your chats when someone deletes them. Then you don’t have to ask them what they deleted.

Emoji Variants

It comes with five emoji variants. Each variant has different types of emojis. You don’t have to stick to the default emojis of WA. The emoji variants are Facebook, Android O, One, iOS, and system emoji. You can switch between any variants you like. 

Online Status on Chat List Screen

To see who is online, you don’t have to enter the chat anymore. Just enable this feature from the settings, and then it will show a green dot on those chats who are online at the current time on the chat list screen. It will save you time.

Custom Fonts & Icons

GBWhatsApp Pro APK

It includes 60+ font styles. You can apply any style you like to write your messages in different styles. Be it ComicSans, Comfortaa, Raleway, HappyGiraffe, Passing_Notes, BEBASNEUE, CaviarDreams, or any other style, you can use any font style with a single tap. 

Share Images in Original Quality

No one wants to see low-quality images, right? They all go for high-quality images if possible. But official WA doesn’t get this point and always compresses the images’ quality by 80-90% when you share them. It reduces the image’s quality so much. To prevent that, GB WhatsApp Pro comes with the setting to disable the compression and share the images in the original quality. 

Message Scheduler

If you have an event upcoming and you need to remind someone at a certain time, then you can use the message schedule. It happens most of the time that we have something in mind that we need to do later, but then we forget about that. 

Just take a birthday wish for instance. Wishing someone a birthday at midnight is not easy if you are an early sleeper. Using the message schedular, you just need to write a message, set the time & date, and select the recipients. When the time comes, it will automatically send the written message to the selected recipients at the entered time. With it, you don’t need to worry about forgetting it. 

Separate Chats & Groups

If your chat list is too long and you are having difficulty finding a chat or group in that long list, then you can separate the chats and group chats into different tabs. You will find it in the GBSettings >> Style >> Separate Chats/Groups. Just enable it. 

Customizable UI

GBWhatsApp Pro APK

GB WhatsApp Pro has a customizable UI. You can make changes to any section of the app. Navigation UI style, bottom bar style, header, rows, floating action button, action bar, bubble & ticks, conversation entry style, home screen background, chat background, and other sections, all have multiple options. You can also enable the Instagram-like stories bar at the top of the chat tab. Moreover, its logo at the top left corner is also customizable. You can edit it and write any word you like. 

Hide & Lock Chats

Sometimes we have to give our devices to others for whatever reasons. At that time, we don’t feel at ease as they might open & read our chats. If you are concerned about that too, then you can hide your chats in this WhatsApp MOD. Moreover, you can lock them with a password. Then you can give your device to anyone without worrying about anything, 

Freeze Last Seen

If you don’t want others to know that you are online, then you can use this feature. Enabling it will freeze your last seen at that time. Then no one will be able to see the online status in your chat. 

Status Saver

It has a status-saver feature that lets you download others’ statuses with a single click. It shows a download button at the bottom left corner when you open a status. Just tap on it and the status will be saved in your local storage. 

DND Mode

GBWhatsApp Pro APK

It’s a great feature to get rid of distractions caused by WA messages when watching a movie or playing a game. Enabling DND mode cuts off the internet access to the application and you won’t receive any messages. You will be offline on WA without turning off the internet. That way, you can still use the internet. 

Advantages of GB WhatsApp Pro

After reading about the features, let’s take a look at the advantages of this app.

  • You can share larger media files, each with up to 1 GB.
  • With its anti-delete feature, you can see deleted messages & statuses.
  • You can forward and broadcast messages to up to 250 and 1024 contacts respectively.
  • You can see who is online on the chat list screen.
  • You can share images of original quality.
  • It has 4000+ customizable themes.
  • You can hide your online, typing, and recording status. 

Disadvantages of GB WhatsApp Pro

No app exists that has no disadvantages. It, too, has some disadvantages which are as follows:

  • Risk of getting banned.
  • No End-to-End Encryption
  • Has ads in some sections.
  • Not available on the Play Store.
  • May contain malware if downloaded from an untrusted website.
  • Have to check online for its update.

Installation Guide

In the following section, we will explain the installation procedure step-by-step so you can install the GBWhatsApp Pro APK without issues. You only need to follow the mentioned steps one-by-one and then you will be able to install the app successfully. The steps are as follows:

Step 1 – GB WhatsApp Pro Download

First, GB WhatsApp Pro Download using the Download button given in this post. Once the downloading is completed, proceed to the next step.

Step 2 – Open the Downloaded APK

Use any of the following methods and open the downloaded APK.

  1. Open the File Manager and go to the Download folder. Then, look for the APK in that folder and tap on it.
  2. Slide down the notification bar, and tap on the Download Completed notification. It will open the APK.
  3. Open the browser you used and go to its Download tab. There, you will find the downloaded APK. Tap on it to open it.

Step 3 – Allow Source to Install APK

If it’s your first time installing an APK, then a system warning will pop up after opening the APK, asking you to allow the source to install an unknown APK. Simply, turn on the “Allow Source to Install APK” option, and go back. 

Step 4 – Install the APK

Now, the installation window will pop up. Tap on the Install option and then the installation will be started. Wait for a few seconds for its completion. Once done, open the app and log in with your number. 



Q. What is GB WhatsApp Pro?

GB WhatsApp Pro is a modified version of WhatsApp that has extra features like DND mode, hiding blue ticks, freezing last seen, etc.

Q. What is the size of GBWhatsApp Pro?

It is just 75 MB.

Q. Is GBWA Pro and GB WhatsApp the same app?

No. Both are different applications. And GBWhatsApp is no longer available. 

Q. What’s the maximum limit of video sharing?

You can share up to 1 GB of video. 

Q. Can I hide my chats?

Yes. You can hide any chats you want and also lock them with a password.

Q. Can I get banned for using this app?

There are risks of getting banned as it’s an unofficial application. WhatsApp can ban your account permanently. 

Q. How many themes does it have?

It has more than four thousand themes.

Q. Do I need to remove the official WA to use it?

No. You can install & use it alongside the official app. 

Q. Can I see deleted messages?

Yes. It has an anti-delete feature. You can read deleted messages.

Q. How many images can we share at once?

You can share up to 100 images at once.

Q. Does it have end-to-end encryption?

No. None of the WhatsApp MODs have end-to-end encryption.


Thanks for visiting. GB WhatsApp Pro APK is the latest WhatsApp MOD that provides DND mode, auto-reply, message schedular, 4000+ themes, and features to hide online, recording, typing, and second & blue tick statuses. It also lets you download others’ statuses. It has many other exciting features as well. After the GBWhatsApp, it’s the best MOD having interesting features. 

In this post, we have given detailed information about this app and its features along with its installation guide. We hope you install & use this app without facing any problems. If you guys face any issues or have any questions, don’t forget to write to us in the comment section. We will reply to you ASAP. Have a nice day. 

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