Version: 24.10.80
79 MB

Fouad WhatsApp APK v24.10.80 Download (July 2024) New Update

Version: 24.10.80
79 MB

You all know WhatsApp is the top communication application currently available on smartphones with more than five billion downloads. It provides many exciting features with a simple & clean interface that most apps don’t. It’s free, has end-to-end encryption, no ads, and supports group video calls, and media file sharing.

Despite of those great features, it is still restrictive and lacks some features according to some users. For instance, image compression, the limited file size for sharing, no control over incoming calls, etc. Fouad WhatsApp eliminated these limitations & restrictions. And in this post, we are gonna talk about all its features. 

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What is Fouad WhatsApp?

Fouad WhatsApp is a WhatsApp MOD modified by Fouad Mokdad, an independent developer. Also, he is the one who developed FMWhatsApp a few years ago. The reason to modify WhatsApp was simple – to try new features. And it got so popular among users that he started adding more exciting features. 

Fouad WhatsApp

Some of the features of Fouad WA are auto-reply, message scheduler, DND mode, anti-delete message & status, anti-view-once, increased file sharing limit, etc. Additionally, its package name is different than the official WA, so Android treats it as a different app than the official one. Thus, you can install it alongside the official WhatsApp. There’s no need to uninstall that. 

Fouad WhatsApp APK Info

App NameFouad WhatsApp
Latest Versionv24.10.80
APK Size79 MB
Last Update1 day ago

Comparison between Fouad WhatsApp and WhatsApp

FeaturesFouad WhatsAppWhatsApp
Forward Message Limit250 ContactsMaximum 5 Contacts
Open “View Once” Media
Broadcast LimitUp to 1024 Contacts256 Contacts
Image Share Limit90 Images at Once30 Images at once
Hide & Lock Chats
Freeze Last Seen
Hide Online Status
Hide Typing Status
Hide Second & Blue Ticks
Emoji Variants61
Font Styles50+Default
App Icons80+Default
Notification Icons50+Default
Always Online
Contact Online Toast
Ringtone Contact Toast
Voice Changer
Disable Forwarded Tag
Hide Names & Time in Copied Texts
Custom Wallpaper per Contact
Message Scheduler
Auto Reply
DND & Airplane Mode
Hide from the “Status Viewed By” List
Separate Tabs for Chats & Groups
Anti-Delete Message & Status
Conversation Cards
Download Status
Incoming Call Settings
Online Dots on Home Screen
Status Character LenthMaximum 255Maximum 139

Features Explanation

For those who haven’t used this application yet and are curious to know about its features and what the features do, here’s a detailed explanation. Read them. 

Share Images in High-Quality

Fouad WhatsApp

Most users don’t like when WA always compresses the images by 90% while sharing. Everyone prefers high-quality images over low-quality for a reason and WA doesn’t deliver them. For high-quality image sharing, they have to have them as documents. But then recipients only see files in the chats and have to open every pic to find a specific one. 

In Fouad WhatsApp, this image compression is disabled so that you can share the pics in original quality. If you are low on data, then you can enable compression as well. The choice is yours. 

Anti-Revoke Messages

Deleting a message for everyone from a chat is a good feature, agreed. People make mistakes and they can make mistakes while typing. Or in anger, they can send rude messages. But when they come to the realization, then they can delete the message from the chat before the recipient reads it. Really a great feature. But it’s also an annoying feature for many users. 

Some users also get annoyed or anxious when they see a deleted message but don’t know what it was. For them, this WhatsApp MOD has an anti-revoke or anti-delete message feature. When enabled, the messages will not be deleted from their chats when someone deletes a message for everyone. 

Control Who Can Call You

Many users are good with the chattings, but they are not good with calls. On the official WA, anyone can call a person if they have his number and he can’t prevent that from happening. If you are someone who doesn’t like calls either, then Fouad WA is good for you. In it, you can control who can call you. You can include and exclude contacts from the calling list. 

Message a Number without Saving It

It’s quite annoying to save a contact before messaging them on WA, right? Well, no more. In this MOD, you can send a message to anyone without saving their number. You will see an option in the top-right three-dot menu “Message a number”. Just tap on it. Then enter the number and write the message in the specified fields. And tap Send button. Done. Start your chatting from there. No need to save the number. 

Online Dots on Home Screen

To see who is online, you need to enter the chat of someone on the official WhatsApp. And when they have privacy, you won’t see their online status. Fouad WA eliminated it and added the online dot feature. You can see who is online from the chat list. It shows a green dot below the profile icon of the chats, just like messenger or Insta. 

Hide Names & Date from Copied Messages

When you copy multiple messages from a chat, their time and sender’s names are also copied in the official app. In this MOD, you can hide the time & names from the copied messages so that you can share them if needed without disclosing their identity. 

Contact Toast & Contact Ringtone Toast

Fouad WhatsApp

It provides contact toast and contact ringtone toast features. With these features, you will get a notification and ringtone respectively whenever the specified person comes online. With it, you can pay attention to other things without checking the WA again and again. 

DIY Theme

It has a collection of 4 thousand themes that you can apply with a single tap and give a new look to the app. And if you want to create your own theme, then it is possible too. This app is fully customizable. You can customize every aspect from the top bar style to the floating action button. And when you are done with the customizations, you can it as a theme. Then you can freely apply it anytime you want. 

Voice Changer

Feeling shy or embarrassed to share voice messages in your voice? Many people feel the same when they have to do that. Then you can use the voice changer. This way, you will not feel embarrassed and can have fun with your friends or loved ones. 

Broadcast to up to 1024 Contacts

Broadcasting a message is a great feature for those people who have some kind of business or are in service that relies on informing a lot of people about something. With a few taps, they can share a message with hundreds of people. But in the official WA, the broadcast limit is only 256 contacts. That’s not enough when you have a big business or community. Therefore, this limit is increased to a maximum of 1024 contacts. You can easily share a message with a thousand people, unlike official WA where you have to repeat that step four or five times. 

Fouad WhatsApp

You never know what kind of photos or videos your friends will share. Especially in groups. Sometimes the images are of the kind we can’t show to family members or others. And the problem is that WA images & videos are visible in the gallery. But you don’t have to worry anymore. It comes with a feature that hides the images & videos from the gallery when enabled. Then you can only access the media files from the chats. 

Separate Tabs for Chats & Groups

Sometimes it gets hard to find a particular chat or a group in a long list of chats & groups. Therefore, a feature to create separate tabs for chats and groups is added to this application. With it, you can easily manage and access groups & chats in their respective tabs. 

Airplane/DND Mode

Fouad WhatsApp

Playing a game, watching a movie, or using any other app? But WA messages are distracting you? No worries. Fouad WhatsApp comes with the DND mode that will let you use the phone without any distractions. When enabled, it cuts off the internet connection to the app and you will not get messages or calls. Also, you won’t be able to send messages either. 

Advantages of Fouad WhatsApp

There are various advantages you get in Fouad WhatsApp. Some of these are as follows:

  • You can customize the home screen, chat background, UI entry background, UI button colors, etc.
  • Messages deleted for everyone by others will not be removed from your chats.
  • You can view statuses even when removed by others within 24 hours.
  • The contact toast feature gives you a notification when specified contact comes online.
  • You can share larger files.

Disadvantages of Fouad WhatsApp

There are disadvantages as well of this MOD which are as follows:

  • Your account can be banned by WhatsApp.
  • There are ads.
  • No end-to-end encryption.

Installation Guide

In the following section, we are going to explain all the steps you need to follow to install the Fouad WhatsApp APK successfully. So, don’t worry if it’s your first try installing any APK outside the Play Store. Read the following steps and following one by one. 

  • First, Download Fouad WhatsApp APK using the download button given in this post. 
  • Once the APK is downloaded, open it using one of the following three methods.
    • Open the File Manager and go to the Download folder. (If you use a custom location for downloaded files, navigate to that folder.) Locate the Fouad WhatsApp APK in the folder and tap on it.
    • Go to the Download tab of the browser. Look for the downloaded APK and tap on it.
    • Swipe down the notification bar. You will see the notification of download completion. Tap on it. 
  • Now, if it’s the first time installing an app from the browser or file manager, a window will appear on the screen. Here, you need to permit the source to install the APK. For that, tap on the Setting button and enable the “Allow Source to Install” option. 
  • After that, the installation wizard window will open. You will see the Install button. Tap on that Install button. It will start installing the app on your device. Please wait for a few seconds for its installation.
  • Once the installation is done, open the application and log in with your number, 



What is Fouad WhatsApp?

It’s a modified version of WhatsApp developed by third-party developers to add additional features.

Can I download the statuses in this version?

Yes. You can download statuses as well as profile pics.

What is a message scheduler?

Message scheduler allows you to write a message beforehand and set a specific time and contacts. When the time meets, it will automatically send that message. 

How many images can we select at once?

You can select up to 100 images at once while sharing. 

How many emoji variants does it have?

It has five emoji variants like Android, iOS, Facebook, etc.

Is font style customizable in Fouad WhatsApp?

Yes. It has 50+ font styles. You can use any font style you like.

What is the ringtone contact toast online feature?

When enabled for a contact, it will play the ringtone whenever he comes online. 

Is it safe to use Fouad WhatsApp?

It’s an unofficial application. So, there are risks to using it. 

Can I hide the chats?

Yes. You can hide the chats that you want to keep private.

How much is the broadcast limit in this app?

The broadcast limit is up to 1024 contacts.


Thanks for visiting. Fouad WhatsApp is the latest of all WhatsApp MOD versions and a stable one. It provides many features that are not in official WA as well as other MODs. It includes multiple emoji variants, call blocker, conversation card feature, voice changer, etc. along with other common features like DND mode, anti-delete, freeze last seen, hide blue ticks & typing status, etc. 

We have explained all its features and also the installation guide. We hope you won’t face any issues while installing the app. But if you do or have any questions regarding any feature, feel free to comment to us. We will reply ASAP. Have a nice day. Also, Know More About WhatsApp Mods.

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